Tunisian, Perfectionist and chimerical, fitter of cloud and artist in soul, she explored all alleyways of Aesthesis.

Sensitive Musician, hired actress and trendsetter artist, with hands of sculptor and painter's dreamy soul.

Awarded a diploma by the school of the Fine Arts of Tunis with honorable mention, she combined a knowledge and an improbable virtue, throughout this asphalt which led her towards the harbor, she could attain the point of her new trip, a rich trip OF HIGH FASHION and nice creations with a very new style.

Really, she took this Odyssey and took all women with her. SOUHIR the artist began narrating her story and those of others through a magical dresses. Anxious about the detail, she edged everything at the hand during whole days as intoxicated poet for epistles.

Trendsetter certainly! She changed the vision of the future Tunisian brides, stopover exaggeration and ornament, it prettified all women become Muses. Simplicity, elegance and refinement are her companions for every creation, loving lace and embroidery it is generous with every dress, she spoils it of real silk, crystals SWAROVSKI crystals and noble materials.

What to do without her? Say these future brides and bridesmaids filled with wonder by its job, so much says that the Tunisian stars never leave an occasion without calling its incredible talent.

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