Founded in 2012, by flattery and passion by the fashion designer Souhir El Gabsi.

Innovative and prodigious, this concept of modern dresses created by trinket, made bewitched the girls of Eve. Purified, wonderful and aristocratic, the dresses of the MAISON ESTHERE MARYLINE are splendid, naturally this last became pioneer, exclusive home of sewing in Tunisia to be solicited by the superstars.

Luxury and pleasure are the strong points of this trade, managed by an outstanding artist who breaks through from day to day supported by a team of good professionals.

ESTHERE MARYLINE, a name, which resounds since some years, a brand worthy of nobility, big elegance and faithful to its picture hardly improved for perfect muses. The ensign regroups very skilled specialists of the haute couture art, liking the sense of the detail and the handmade, temperamental pieces create worshiped of the first put down embroidery.

The house displays every unique dress in a located showroom in the most upper-crust district of the Tunisian capital, visited by appointment for the most attracted women.

It welcomes its Muses amicably, and maintains a relation very linked with his customers who are faithful to it. This big sign will end up innovating thanks to its competences, its incredible creations and by its sense of precision.

With more than thousand satisfied women the house will not cease being delighted to have celebrated the nicest brides of Tunisia and the most elegant stars of the red carpet.